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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Mathew is Coming for a Visit, Jim Cantori is at Wrightsville Beach

Here he comes, after all the predictions and changes in direction, he's finally made up his mind, Mathew is coming here and Jim Cantori is here to welcome it. Its 9am and I have branches coming down already, one pretty good size. Good wood for the next bonfire.

9:00 AM EDT Sat Oct 8
Location: 32.6°N 79.7°W
Moving: NE at 12 mph
Min pressure: 963 mb
Max sustained: 75 mph

Mathew is barely hanging on to Hurricane Status, we are however going to have a 
pretty strong Tropical Storm, its going to bring down limbs, trees and cause some 
damage.  Power will more than likely go out and just general problems. I just had a
power surge and almost lost power. Here are some things to look at before I'm 
knocked off-line...

Wind speed probabilities:

Warning cone:

Color View:

Deegle out, good luck everybody, we are going to the beach...Pics later

Friday, October 7, 2016

Mathew, Hurricane Warning for Wilmington NC Just Went Up!!!!

Good thing Deegle is keeping an eye on this thing, she just came and got me and barked that I have to check this out.

Again, get your Hurricane kits in order, I believe the storm will weaken and provide a glancing blow.  Katts taxi will be open tonight for your transportation needs, We will re-evaluate Saturday tomorrow during the day, based on current conditions and decide then. We will not put you, our drivers or anyone else in danger so stay in tuned to Deegle the Weather Dog for further information.  Here...

View these please:

Tropical storm wind Probability
50 Knot wind Probability
Hurricane Wind Probability

Satellite Views:

Water Vapor

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Mathew, We dodged a bullet on this one...

I guess Florida decided to take one for the team. Here in Wilmington we should get a pretty good amount of rain and wind on Saturday and Sunday, but damage should be minimal, Mathew is not going to be a direct hit.

As many times that this storm has confused forecasters I would still keep an eye on it to make sure.  It is by the way Mother Nature and can change up at any moment.

Glad to give you the good news, check the Hurricane page if you want radar and satellite pics.  Glad to bring the good news...Deegle

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Mathew Update

Hi Folks, Deegle here.  We have a problem, Mathew keeps changing his mind.  Now it's speeding up and that could throw the whole thing off. Curently it may turn at the last minute and just give us a brush, if it speeds up some more it could still be a problem for us.  I am going to delay the call until sometime late tonight or early in the morning.  Deegle says it's a hit and I think it will be a brush, We will look at more stats and graphs, come to an agreement and render our decision then.  Prep anyway, better safe than sorry.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Mathew, Wilmington should prepare NOW!!!!

11am EDT Tuesday 10-04-16
Location: 18.9 N  74-3 W
Max Wind: 145 mph
Moving: N @ 10
Pressure: 950

Haiti took the first hit at 7am this morning, we will have to wait a bit for Damage reports and injuries, unfortunately I think it will be really bad.

Later today will be Cuba and then on toward the Bahama's, then I'm afraid it's on it's way to Wilmington NC. Deegle is telling me a landfall about 50 miles south of us here, that would be bad. We would take the strongest part of the storm.  I will wait until sometime tomorrow, I need to go over her numbers and then we will make the call. She's good everybody, her decision will override mine and we will make it final.

Get any possible flying debris out of your yard, make sure you have all your supplies, fill your tub with water so you have water to flush the toilet.  If you have canned goods make sure you have a manual can opener. Dry goods and plenty of water are the best idea. etc...etc...etc.  You know what to do so do it.....Deegle out.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Mathew is it Coming to Wilmington NC ????

11am EDT Monday 10-03-16
Location  15.6N 75.0W
Moving: N at 6 mph
Pressure: 941 mb
Max Wind: 140 mph

Deegle is frustrated with Mathew, it doesn't want to make up it's mind on direction.  A lot of factors go into steering a Hurricane. Ridges and troughs, high and low pressure, ocean currents and temperatures.  Boring I know, but part of the job. Sooo, will it hit Wilmington?

We are most definitely going to get some wind to begin with...Here is the chart, so you need to start moving objects inside or secure them. At this moment I can tell you that we will have a windy rainy Friday and possibly a pretty stormy if not horrible Saturday.  Only time will tell.  I suggest you get ready anyway.  Worst that can happen is not much and you will have supplies for next Hurricane season.

I would imagine when I update tomorrow that the statements will become more definitive and the track more readable.  There is a high pressure ridge strengthening to the North of North Carolina, this could be a big factor on whether we have a problem or not. I'm inclined at this time to believe that it is a Carolina Landfall, close to the border of North and South Carolina which would be bad for us in Wilmington because we would get the strong NE side of the storm, the strongest area of  Hurricane. Lets hope it turns.

Pick your view, just click on it.... This if fun, play with the chart, just click and watch...

Deegle out.  Update tomorrow

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Mathew May be on the Way Here...

Mathew has an interesting young life of its own, it is not following the models or the forecast as of yet.  Close, but no. He was supposed to turn, but stopped, suppose to go North, it's going West, slowly but West.  The further West it goes means Wilmington needs to start getting ready for a pretty brutal storm, its been awhile since we have had a strong one.  Check your supplies, make sure you have plenty of water and non perishable food, and lighting.  Fill your generator with fuel and check that is in working order. Deegle says don't forget about your pets and their safety. Here is the interactive parts of this chart.

Deegle is not ready to make the call quite yet, but her current thinking is this:  Mathew will cross 75 degrees longitude and that was Deegle's target for worrying about Wilmington, it's not there yet but should be sometime today. Matthew will turn barely Northeast and give Haiti, Jamaica and Cuba some serious trouble before turning back to the Northwest.  This is our problem, Deegle sees a North Carolina landfall at this time.  Remember, it's early and could likely change.

Water Vapor...

I love you BMB

Friday, September 30, 2016

Huricane Matthew, here we go again

Deegle has not been interested this year until NOW...Hurricane Mathew woke her up and put her to work. We are at least a week out and have plenty of time to prepare, this storm has two choices at this point.1) Make the turn and go directly north and be a possible problem, if it maintains it current speed will we be in trouble or 2) Make the turn, slow down and get blown out to sea, missing us completely.

At this point it's too early to pinpoint, we have at least a week before it gets here.  I would still do small prep like some water and some boxed and canned food, but too early to make the call.  Of course something for lighting, candles are a bad idea but useful if nothing else and monitored.

LOCATION...13.7N 70.8W

Update to follow...Deegle out...

Friday, September 2, 2016

Deegle has been absent, for some reason Google would not let us on

We have been MIA for quite some time.  Now the page is back under our control and Deegle will be back in control shortly.  Good luck during our wind and rain storm, should be an interesting and pretty uneventful ride, Lots of rain, down limbs and general BS.  Have a party, use Katts Taxi, we will be out hope you are